The_DC_HI-FI_Group_Logo_largeComprised of members from Maryland-DC-Virginia-Baltimore region, the DC Hi-Fi Group is an audio enthusiast group that focuses on the hobby of high-quality hi-fi listening, gear collecting and home recording.

The paid membership organization meets monthly (with full lunch and drink). Members discuss the state of modern and vintage hi-fi hear audio equipment and enjoy the general camaraderie of the hobby. Members hear demos, special guests and updates on vinyl, streaming, DIY and many other kinds of audio products.

Members also participate in special listening sessions, gear shootouts, as well as go on “field trips” to visit area audio manufacturers service providers and dealers.

Other benefits include discount concert tickets, product discounts through dealer members and lots of free hi-res music raffles.

Request more info at: dchifigroup@verizon.net or fill out a membership form on the Join page.

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