The DC Hi-Fi Group

More CAF 2017 Reports

DC Hi-Fi Group member Kemper Holt has published his show reports for CAF 2017 at Lots to digest here!

Hazelrigg Brothers

The incredibly talented Hazelrigg Brothers treated the DC Hi-Fi Group to a very personal concert and chat about their music and audiophile ambitions. You can purchase their debut album in either standard CD resolution or download FLAC files in 192k 24b resolution.

CAF 2017 a grand success!

Several DC Hi-Fi Group members got mentions and kudos from Herb Reichert, Stereophile writer, in his extensive coverage of CAF 2017.

Looking forward to CAF 2018!

Are you Tube or Solid State?

Or are a bi-audiophile?


Audiophile: A Definition