The DC Hi-Fi Group

The DC Hi-Fi Group October 2022 Meeting

It was a picture-perfect Fall Day that brought the group together for the October 2022 Meeting at DCHFG member Gerry’s beautiful home by the Potomac.

It almost would be an understatement to say Gerry is an Audiophile. Based on the audio system Gerry has assembled, I would declare him to be an Apex Audiophile.

As the pictures will attest, it is obvious Gerry has built his listening system with the greatest of care. This is the most comprehensive and impressive home stereo system I have ever encountered.

Component details include:

  • 600wpc VTL Siegfried Series II Reference (12 KT88s per channel tetrode)
  • VTL TL 7.5 Series III preamplifier
  • VTL TP-6.5 Series II phono preamp
  • VPI Avenger Reference TT (Gimbal tonearm, Lyra Atlas Lambda Cartridge)
  • Wilson Alexx V speakers (five drivers, five hundred pounds each)
  • Pair of Wilson Subsonic subwoofers
  • EMM Labs DA2 DAC
  • PS Audio SACD transport
  • Innuos Statement Streamer.
  • Cables by Transparent and Shunyata.

Gerry very kindly played one of my favorite demo tracks – Jazz Variants by The O-Zone Percussion Group. This exciting and dynamic percussion piece really excercises the bottom and top extremes of a Hi-Fi system. Gerry’s system was more than up to the task.

If your Audiophile ears are tingling and you wonder how you, too, could hear such a system in person, then I would encourage you to join The DC Hi-Fi Group so you can gain access to such amazing home audio systems.

Gerry was a very gregarious host but was very humble about what he had accomplished.

As the meeting unwound, John Gatski treated us to a raffle of myriad items he has assembled over the month. Many members left with a smile from what they won in the raffle.

In the end, we were all winners for being invited into Gerry’s home and experiencing what he has wrought.

Fourth Annual DCHFG Rummage Sale – November 19, 2022

DC Hi-Fi Group Rummage Sale+Vinyl Event
When: Saturday, Novemeber 19, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: Historic Garrett Park Town Hall, 10814 Kenilworth Ave., Garrett Park, MD 20896

The DC Hi-Fi Group is holding the Fourth Annual Member/Dealer Audio Rummage Sales+Vinyl event in Garrett Park, MD on November 19th. Individual and DCHFG dealer members are selling off their used gear, b-stock, scratch and dent, and classic audio pieces, as well as new/used vinyl and turntable gear, home theater and pro audio.

Over twenty tables of gear will be at the event. It is open to the DCHFG membership and the public. Free admission. Cash-only sales unless otherwise noted by the vendors. Drinks and lunch will be available to DCHFG members. Non-members who sign up for annual or bi-annual membership terms are eligible to win prizes.

DCHFG Members who want to sell their used gear (we all have lots of stuff, don’t we) and records at the November 19th event need to reserve their table space by November 12th. We have space for twenty-two tables. Table space fee is $30 per table for individual members and $50 for dealer/manufacturer/service provider members. Non-member space fee is $100. Click here to download the table reservation form that can be mailed back with the check, payable to The DC Hi-Fi Group.

Members are encouraged to bring their own tables. We recommend the Rubber Maid-style, six ft. plastic folding tables. Street parking and nearby school parking lot are available to attendees.

Afternoon Delight with ELO

For our September meeting, we had a Vinyl Night in the afternoon courtesy of Dr. Vinyl’s listening room in Maryland.

Dr. Vinyl is one of our industry members carrying a wide range of audio products. Many of his offerings tilt toward the extreme High-End but he has systems that would satisfy all music lovers. Of course, the emphasis is on vinyl LP reproduction.

John Gatski gave an update on DCHFG affairs.

Mike McGary presented his basic amp design and new products that will be shown at the Capital Audiofest 2022 in Rockville, MD November 11-13, 2022.

Bruce Schuettinger of Mosart Audio Furniture covered his products and design parameters and will also have his fine work at CAF 2022.

Capital Audiofest’s Gary Gill brought us up to date with CAF’s status and surprised us all by announcing that there will be more than ninety listening rooms. This will be the largest CAF yet!

We did get to the reason for this meeting and sat down and listened to this month’s featured LP:

Electric Light Orchestra’s “El Dorado”, The MoFi LP Edition.

1/4″ / 15 IPS / Dolby A analog master to DSD 256 to analog console to lathe
Electric Light Orchestra leader Jeff Lynne did more than figuratively reach for the sky on Eldorado. Daring to be bold, and creating imaginative worlds that invite the listener to escape the mundane, the visionary composer-musician achieved a multidisciplinary fantasia and, in the process, a prog-rock landmark. Nearly 50 years later, the concept album’s brilliance can be experienced like never before in cinematic fashion.

Mobile Fidelity website

The 1974 album includes several outstanding album cuts as well as the radio-friendly hit, Can’t Get It Out Of My Head. The band also holds the record for having the most Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 hits (20) without a number-one single of any band in US chart history.

Playback gear includeed Nola speakers, McGary tube amplifier, Backert Rhumba line-stage preamp, DS Audio W3 cartridge, J.Sikora Reference turntable and Tru-Glider tonearm.

DCHFG August 2022 Meeting – LTA, SOTA

On Saturday, August 20, 2022, we had our late summer meeting at Ken Wolff’s beautiful home.

Mark Schneider of Linear Tube Audio (LTA) was on hand to provide the latest news on the locally produced tube Hi-Fi components. We listened to the Z40+ Integrated.

LTA’s Hi-Fi products are based on DCHFG member David Berning’s innovative tube designs. David was also in attendance to discuss his designs.

The demos also included the new SOTA Pyxis and Acrux phono preamplifiers and a SOTA turntable.

I have had my SOTA turntable since 1985 and upgraded it to Nova 5 status in 2013.  I have had my LTA microZOTL preamp for a couple of years now and can attest to their extreme efforts in customer service.  I would never have a reason to go elsewhere for this type of equipment.

John Gatski started the meeting off with club business.

DCHFG August 2022 Meeting

Ken Wolff dug deep into his collection and pulled out a 15-year-old pair of Sonus Faber bookshelves that sounded fabulous. Gary Gill (Capital Audiofest/Pacific Audiofest) reported on the success of the recent Pacific Audiofest that he and Lou Hinkley (Daedalus Audio) presented in Seattle. Gary also updated us on the upcoming Capital Audiofest.

Chris Barker provided Audiophile news about MoFiGate Vinyl, new DAC chips from ESS/Sabre, and the just released Technics 100C turntable at $999.00.

Many members went home with raffle prizes including the Limited Edition 45 RPM LP of Linda Ronstadt’s Simple Dreams.

All Things Must Pass

Hot, Hot, Hot. It was not just the weather on Saturday afternoon at our fearless leader’s (John Gatski) home for the “All Things Must Pass” demo.

Nelson Pass only made three speaker models in the company’s 30-year history, including the infamous Rushmore, which still fetch $40,000 per pair on the used market. John has decided to oblige the inquiring members with a full-system Pass demo, including the SR-2’s (Son of Rushmore number two), the mammoth stereo X350.8 and an XP-10 preamp. The XA350.8 is a current model; the XP-10 preamp is the pre section in the INT-60 integrated but sounds fine. The SR-2’s are circa 2012-2015. These bad boys were custom all the way. The speaker featured custom manufactured tweeter, midrange, woofer, crossover, and a beautiful, hand-built, hardwood cabinet (165 pounds). They sold for $20,000 a pair at the end of their run!

After a libation or two and belly full I was set for a listen. I can see and hear why these speakers are considered most special. I would love to hear them in a room more fitting for their size and capabilities.

We had four happy winners in the early drawing then it was time for me to depart and make room for the next group. It was a good day.