DCHFG August 2022 Meeting – LTA, SOTA

On Saturday, August 20, 2022, we had our late summer meeting at Ken Wolff’s beautiful home.

Mark Schneider of Linear Tube Audio (LTA) was on hand to provide the latest news on the locally produced tube Hi-Fi components. We listened to the Z40+ Integrated.

LTA’s Hi-Fi products are based on DCHFG member David Berning’s innovative tube designs. David was also in attendance to discuss his designs.

The demos also included the new SOTA Pyxis and Acrux phono preamplifiers and a SOTA turntable.

I have had my SOTA turntable since 1985 and upgraded it to Nova 5 status in 2013.  I have had my LTA microZOTL preamp for a couple of years now and can attest to their extreme efforts in customer service.  I would never have a reason to go elsewhere for this type of equipment.

John Gatski started the meeting off with club business.

DCHFG August 2022 Meeting

Ken Wolff dug deep into his collection and pulled out a 15-year-old pair of Sonus Faber bookshelves that sounded fabulous. Gary Gill (Capital Audiofest/Pacific Audiofest) reported on the success of the recent Pacific Audiofest that he and Lou Hinkley (Daedalus Audio) presented in Seattle. Gary also updated us on the upcoming Capital Audiofest.

Chris Barker provided Audiophile news about MoFiGate Vinyl, new DAC chips from ESS/Sabre, and the just released Technics 100C turntable at $999.00.

Many members went home with raffle prizes including the Limited Edition 45 RPM LP of Linda Ronstadt’s Simple Dreams.

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