Afternoon Delight with ELO

For our September meeting, we had a Vinyl Night in the afternoon courtesy of Dr. Vinyl’s listening room in Maryland. Dr. Vinyl is one of our industry members carrying a wide range of audio products. Many of his offerings tilt toward the extreme High-End but he has systems that would satisfy all music lovers. Of course, the emphasis is on vinyl LP reproduction. John Gatski gave an update on DCHFG affairs. Mike McGary presented his basic amp design and new products that will be shown at the Capital Audiofest 2022 in Rockville,… Read More

DCHFG August 2022 Meeting – LTA, SOTA

On Saturday, August 20, 2022, we had our late summer meeting at Ken Wolff’s beautiful home. Mark Schneider of Linear Tube Audio (LTA) was on hand to provide the latest news on the locally produced tube Hi-Fi components. We listened to the Z40+ Integrated. LTA’s Hi-Fi products are based on DCHFG member David Berning’s innovative tube designs. David was also in attendance to discuss his designs. The demos also included the new SOTA Pyxis and Acrux phono preamplifiers and a SOTA turntable. I have had my SOTA turntable since 1985 and upgraded… Read More

All Things Must Pass

Hot, Hot, Hot. It was not just the weather on Saturday afternoon at our fearless leader’s (John Gatski) home for the “All Things Must Pass” demo. Nelson Pass only made three speaker models in the company’s 30-year history, including the infamous Rushmore, which still fetch $40,000 per pair on the used market. John has decided to oblige the inquiring members with a full-system Pass demo, including the SR-2’s (Son of Rushmore number two), the mammoth stereo X350.8 and an XP-10 preamp. The XA350.8 is a current model; the XP-10 preamp is the… Read More

DC Hi-Fi Group June 2022 Summer Vinyl Event

On a warm and sunny Saturday, we had about twelve vendors and individuals presenting their ware for the public to peruse and purchase. Most vinyl sales were brisk, both used and new LP’s, CD’s, and even cassette tapes were available. Lots of vintage gear was available too. The beautiful weather kept the big crowds away but there was a steady stream of participants. An enjoyable time for like-minded people interested in good music.

DC Hi-Fi Group May 15th Meeting

It was one of those special spring days for a drive down to Annadale from Baltimore.  Luckily, this time the traffic on 495 was tolerable. Dave Raden’s house is on a magical lot with one thousand azaleas just past their peak but still beautiful. The main club business was to announce the June 25th Summer Vinyl Event at the Garrett Park Town Hall. Past events have been successful for the sellers and for attracting new club members. There is always a lively turnout. Our club members have been treated to the evolution… Read More