Afternoon Delight with ELO

For our September meeting, we had a Vinyl Night in the afternoon courtesy of Dr. Vinyl’s listening room in Maryland.

Dr. Vinyl is one of our industry members carrying a wide range of audio products. Many of his offerings tilt toward the extreme High-End but he has systems that would satisfy all music lovers. Of course, the emphasis is on vinyl LP reproduction.

John Gatski gave an update on DCHFG affairs.

Mike McGary presented his basic amp design and new products that will be shown at the Capital Audiofest 2022 in Rockville, MD November 11-13, 2022.

Bruce Schuettinger of Mosart Audio Furniture covered his products and design parameters and will also have his fine work at CAF 2022.

Capital Audiofest’s Gary Gill brought us up to date with CAF’s status and surprised us all by announcing that there will be more than ninety listening rooms. This will be the largest CAF yet!

We did get to the reason for this meeting and sat down and listened to this month’s featured LP:

Electric Light Orchestra’s “El Dorado”, The MoFi LP Edition.

1/4″ / 15 IPS / Dolby A analog master to DSD 256 to analog console to lathe
Electric Light Orchestra leader Jeff Lynne did more than figuratively reach for the sky on Eldorado. Daring to be bold, and creating imaginative worlds that invite the listener to escape the mundane, the visionary composer-musician achieved a multidisciplinary fantasia and, in the process, a prog-rock landmark. Nearly 50 years later, the concept album’s brilliance can be experienced like never before in cinematic fashion.

Mobile Fidelity website

The 1974 album includes several outstanding album cuts as well as the radio-friendly hit, Can’t Get It Out Of My Head. The band also holds the record for having the most Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 hits (20) without a number-one single of any band in US chart history.

Playback gear includeed Nola speakers, McGary tube amplifier, Backert Rhumba line-stage preamp, DS Audio W3 cartridge, J.Sikora Reference turntable and Tru-Glider tonearm.

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