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Field Trip: DCHFG @ Rogue Audio 05/19/18

On the inaugural field trip, a score of DCHFG members hit the road for a factory tour of Rogue Audio. DCHFG Founder/President John Gatski filed this report:

More than twenty DCHFG members traversed the freeways and back roads of Pennsylvania May 19th to visit the new Rogue Audio factory. Located in Brodheadsville, PA, the spacious new factory gives the successful tube hi-fi company more elbow room for its design and manufacturing operations according to President and Founder Mark O’Brien.

Rogue Audio opened its doors in 1997 manufacturing from a cramped warehouse just down the street from the new digs. Over the last twenty plus years, Rogue has emerged as one of the top American tube hi-fi/audiophile companies manufacturing the very well received:

  • Apollo Dark monoblock amplifier
  • Pharaoh integrated amplifier
  • Model 99, Athena and RP flagship (new) preamplifiers
  • Ares and Triton phono preamplifiers
  • RH-5 headphone amplifier (new).

Having reviewed nearly every Rogue product since day one, and owning several including the new RP-7, I was impressed by the new factory.

Its nice to see that Mark and his team have a brand-new state-of-the-art facility to come up with their fresh approaches to tube audio design. In my view, Rogue Audio products are a bargain in the hand-built tube audio realm. They always have an accuracy impression that rivals the best solid state designs with the smooth tube character adding just a bit extra.

Thanks to Rogue Audio for their very kind hospitality to DCHFG.



The Hazelrigg Brothers @ Tonal Park Studios

DCHFG house band, the Hazelrigg Brothers, played two outstanding sets of their custom melange of classical/jazz/pop cover songs on Saturday, April 28th at Takoma Park’s Tonal Park recording studios. Several DC Hi-Fi Group members attended and were enthralled by the ultimate in Hi-Fi sound as well as the inventiveness of the trio which also includes drummer  John O’Reilly Jr. Their repertoire spans covers of ELP’s “In the Beginning” to interpretations of Ernest Bloch’s “Enfantines” (piano pieces for children). Other selections performed included, in George Hazelrigg description, “the great 20th century composer – Jimi Hendrix.”

The venue for the concert could not have been more perfect sonically as it took place literally in the studio at the wonderfully equipped Tonal Park Studios. Tonal Park proprietor, Charlie Pilzer, was very gracious in showing visitors the inner sanctum where many award winning music productions have been mastered including former Men At Work frontman Colin Hay.

George Hazelrigg (piano) commented that their debut album is selling very well and gaining significant radio play. They are also reaching an overseas market in Europe and the Far East. A follow up EP for Blue Coast Music is available in native DSD resolution which is the preferred recording format of the trio.

Thank you to both the Hazelrigg Brothers and Charlie Pilzer for a wonderful evening of music.

A new DIY Turntable project

I have begun a new DIY Turntable project. Follow the thread on the DCHFG forum.

March 2018 Meeting Photos

Berning TF-10 exposed!

David Berning pops the lid on his vintage TF-10 at today’s meeting. David hand built every one of these!