DC Hi-Fi Group May 15th Meeting

It was one of those special spring days for a drive down to Annadale from Baltimore.  Luckily, this time the traffic on 495 was tolerable. Dave Raden’s house is on a magical lot with one thousand azaleas just past their peak but still beautiful. The main club business was to announce the June 25th Summer Vinyl Event at the Garrett Park Town Hall. Past events have been successful for the sellers and for attracting new club members. There is always a lively turnout. Our club members have been treated to the evolution… Read More

The Vinyl Revivers Open House – May 17, 2022

This was a real treat. We gathered on a Saturday at Ron Ziegel’s incredible Penthouse apartment and party room for a great afternoon of food, drink, tunes and camaraderie. There was a good crowd of forty or so club members and guests.  Russ made eight trips from his Columbia townhouse to set up two large systems and a countertop of LPs for sale. We had the big Quad ESL 2912s with Hegel electronics in the Party Room and the KEF Blade One Meta’s and Martin Logan Renaissance ESL 15 A’s in Ron’s… Read More

Third Annual DCHFG Rummage Sale – October 16, 2021

DC Hi-Fi Group Rummage Sale+Vinyl EventWhen: Saturday, Oct. 16, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.Where: Historic Garrett Park Town Hall, 10814 Kenilworth Ave., Garrett Park, MD 20896 The DC Hi-Fi Group is holding the Third Annual Member/Dealer Audio Rummage Sales+Vinyl event in Garrett Park, MD on Oct. 16th. Individual and DCHFG dealer members are selling off their used gear, b-stock, scratch and dent, and classic audio pieces, as well as new/used vinyl and turntable gear, home theater and pro audio. Over twenty tables of gear will be at the event. It is open… Read More

DCHFG visits Russ Katz Audio Salon

John Gatski and Video Auteur, Paul Elliott, made the journey to Russ Katz’s Audio Salon. Russ describes how he became an Audiophile and then demonstrates his extensive Vinyl Reviver process. The video also provides an overview of all the wonderful audio gear Russ can demonstrate. A must watch video for all DCHFG members!

DCHFG on YouTube

During the Pandemic, we’ve all had to adjust how we do things. DCHFG is no different. We have been expanding our reach into the ether as we populate our YouTube channel with new content. This week we posted a video for a DIY speaker build with the HiVi 3.1A DIY Kit. Watch what it takes to build your own pair of speakers from start to finish. Stay tuned as we hope to have more interesting content soon.