The Incredible Egg Speaker

DCHFG’s very own Thomas Perazella debuted his “incredible egg speaker” system at last year’s Captial Audiofest where many listeners were awe struck including Stereophile’s Herb Reichert. Tom now pulls back the veil to describe how he created this passion project in the latest issue of audioXpress magazine on newsstands now. This is probably the DIY project of the year and it does not disappoint. DCHFG’s Paul Elliott also provided the cover shot for the article. If you have had any doubts about joining DCHFG, you will find there is a very high… Read More

More CAF 2017 Reports

DC Hi-Fi Group member Kemper Holt has published his show reports for CAF 2017 at Lots to digest here!

CAF 2017 a grand success!

Several DC Hi-Fi Group members got mentions and kudos from Herb Reichert, Stereophile writer, in his extensive coverage of CAF 2017. Looking forward to CAF 2018!