DC Hi-Fi Group June 2022 Summer Vinyl Event

On a warm and sunny Saturday, we had about twelve vendors and individuals presenting their ware for the public to peruse and purchase. Most vinyl sales were brisk, both used and new LP’s, CD’s, and even cassette tapes were available. Lots of vintage gear was available too. The beautiful weather kept the big crowds away but there was a steady stream of participants. An enjoyable time for like-minded people interested in good music.

The DC Hi-Fi Group—Summer Vinyl Event

Record Lovers! You are invited to participate in the First Annual DCHFG Summer Vinyl Event featuring thirty-five tables of new/used vinyl and vinyl playback components. DCHFG members and interested non-member individuals and non-member vinyl vendors are invited to bring their records, vinyl playback gear and accessories that they want to sell. Items to be sold will also include new vinyl from local dealers including the latest releases, standard catalog records, rare editions and 45-RPM audiophile discs. When: Saturday, June 25, 202210 a.m. to 5 p.m.Where: Garrett Park Historic Town HallGarrett Park, Maryland$2… Read More

DCHFG visits Russ Katz Audio Salon

John Gatski and Video Auteur, Paul Elliott, made the journey to Russ Katz’s Audio Salon. Russ describes how he became an Audiophile and then demonstrates his extensive Vinyl Reviver process. The video also provides an overview of all the wonderful audio gear Russ can demonstrate. A must watch video for all DCHFG members!