February 24 Meeting Notes

There were a number of things of interest mentioned at today’s meeting.

Anti-Vibration blocks:


These cork and rubber pads are sold by many Audiophile sources at very inflated prices. I have found a more reasonably priced source here: Supply House Anti-Vibe Pads

Use them under equipment, speakers or anything else you would like to isolate. May be combined with a layer of wood on top. I have used Ikea butcher block cutting boards for a cheap effective combination.

Music and Audio: A User Guide To Better Sound by Mark Waldrep


I think Mark’s new book, two years in the making, is destined to become a classic and is essential reading for the Audiophile community. It is available in various forms including less expensive e-book form for Kindle readers, etc.

Hopefully, DCHFG will be able to arrange a talk with Mark when he attends CAF 2018? You may or may not agree with everything Mark has to say about audio but you cannot argue with his mastery of the subject.

Legacy Valor Speakers


Tom’s presentation provided tantalizing details on this innovative speaker. More information here.

SugarCube SC-2 by SweetVinyl


Paul gave an excellent introduction to the SugarCube SC-2 vinyl noise remover. This may be the holy grail for vinyl enthusiasts!

Janszen Speakers


Thanks to David Janszen of Janszen Speakers for his informative talk and demo of his electrostatic speakers.

Thanks to everyone for the kind remarks about the new website and forum.

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