DCHFG January 2019 Meeting

With all the excitement of the Holidays and CAF 2018 behind us, DCHFG members congregated to trade stories about their latest gear acquisition and other Hi-Fi topics.

DCHFG President, John Gatski, brought the meeting to order and provided updates on possible future meetings and events. We are still hopeful that we will be able to visit the Furnace Records Plant and local audio legend Conrad Johnson in 2019.

John Gatski provides DCHFG updates

DIY subgroup co-chairman, Paul Elliott, gave a presentation on the latest solder tools and techniques and demonstrated the mini solder tool he is now using. Chris Barker was present but resting on his DIY laurels.

Paul Elliot discusses Soldering

Amar Krajvansh, Headphone subgroup chairman, gave an exciting update on his new line of headphones he and his partner will launch in early 2019. A prototype was on hand to audition. The target price is $899. More details to follow!

Dr. Vinyl, aka Jose Ramirez, updated members on the $3,800 Sutherland Phono Loco phono stage.

Russ Katz, president of The Vinyl Revivers, presented a preview of the Dr. Feikert line of turntables with a focus on the $3,500 Volare.

John Gatski prepares the audio demo for the afternoon
New Benchmark DAC3-B being supported by a very early sample of the Sutherland Phono Loco preamp

Thanks to all that attended!

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