DCHFG June 2019 Meeting

Greg Viggiano again arranged for the party room at his condo to be used for our monthly meeting. It’s a bit of a trek for Erik and I (the two lowly Baltimoreans of the group) to make it to Alexandria. It seems no matter which route or which day or time the trip is always full of trepidation being at the mercy of the beltway around Washington.  This trip was not too bad — just under 2 hours with only a handful of backups.  What makes it easy going is having the company of someone like Eerik.

The gathering started off slowly and I was a bit nervous about the possibility of a low turnout due to the great weather.  But it did not take too long for the room to fill out to a nice crowd.  Thinking about this as an afterthought, it was one of the best meetings ever.  I cannot really say why but the vibe was great.  It could not have been the broccoli pizza, but something was in the air that just made me feel good about being there.  Even the sound system was musical.  John set up a really neat kit that presented good tunes to a fairly large room. We had digital files served up by a Macbook Pro into either Prism Callia or Mytek DAC. Boosting the signals from the sources was handled by Rogue tube electronics with RP-9 preamp and Stereo 100 amp. Johns go-to speakers for this type of installation was the very smooth Amphion Argon 3S.

Committee reports were from Chris with always great stuff on a new affordable IEM (Tin HiFi P1) and Russ letting us know about the new lines he is carrying.  This is what makes our group special because we have members really interested in what’s going on in the industry and are willing to share with us.

John let us know what’s coming up in the near future.  Tying two events together, John has set up a special time for a June 20th Delaware dealer demo at Overture AV highlighting the new Magnepan 30.7 speakers from 11 am to 1 pm. Chris Murphy sets up a professional demonstration that always includes refreshments.  Then, for those who do not want the party to end, it’s off to John’s beach house for Latin American food, those famous Pisco drinks; and plenty of liquid spirits. The 50th Anniversary Woodstock movie will be featured in hi-res surround, courtesy of KLH. Look for music giveaway items and a guarantee of fun for all. We will be coordinating ride-sharing with members who need a ride.

We had a pile of raffle give-a-ways and all enjoyed the fun. The trip back to Baltimore was uneventful and peaceful.

See you in Delaware next month.

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