DCHFG August 2019 Meeting @ The Vinyl Revivers

For a meeting that had to be kludged together at the last minute because of scheduling problems, John, Chris got together with Russ of The Vinyl Revivers providing a place to meet and we ended up with a great time. Packed with demos and new info, lots of fun, great pizza and snacking stuff.

Chis let us know about some good discounts for digital downloads from both Naxos and Qobuz.

Our fearless leader let us know about up coming events including the next meeting with Linear Tube Audio

We had three separate demonstrations. In the front Home Theater room with Chris Barker at the helm showing off a media management application called Plex that organizes your video and audio files. Chris said it was “Roon” for video. As an added plus Chris was managing video files from his server 20 miles away and watching a movie streaming across the internet.

On the second floor Russ was presenting the group a very highly reviewed new speaker from across the pond, the Wharfedale Linton Heritage. I found this speaker very musical and natural. It is reviewed in the September Issue of Stereophile, Herb Reichert gave it a thumbs up. This 3-way speaker sounds much more than its less than $1.5k price with stand. You can get it with or without the stands which very smartly provides some album storage while providing a high mass stable support. If you are in the market for a speaker at this price point I really suggest you give this a listen. You will love it.

In the lower level sound room John was showing off the The Pioneer Elite UDP-LX500 Universal Player. This is a good alternative to the defunct Oppo BDP-205. For audiophiles who have big collections of SACDs, DVD-As, Music BDs, or want an easy to use a high-end player for hi-res file play from USB Drives. When I was down there I was hearing the excellent KEF R11. Some of the best sound I have heard at Russ’s.

This month’s meeting was just chock full of interesting demos and it would not be a DC HiFi Group meeting without the raffle. Lots of winners. Actually we are all winners. See you next month.

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