DCHFG November 2019 Meeting—The Leesburg Listening Room

Dennis Clark of the Leesburg Listening Room, hosted our November meeting following just a week after the very successful Capital Audiofest (my report is in process). The location is in a large home in a gated community just south of Leesburg.

It’s a lovely home and the basement is dedicated to the Leesburg Listening Room store. It is geared toward home theater but with an audiophile tilt.

We had the usual eat and greet with about twenty members making the trip out west. We then crammed in to the main sound room for a listen. We were treated to Legacy Aeris speakers controlled by the Legacy Wavelet room correction system. Digital source was a PS Audio DAC with Bridge 2 Steaming board installed and Krell power amp bringing the speakers to life. I heard a lot of presence and slam.

Dennis brought us up to date with the lines he carries and asked what brands the club would like to see and hear.

We had the usual raffle drawing with Stephen, Dave, Larry, Eerik, Mike and Randall winning. See you in December!

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