DC Hi-Fi Group December Meeting—Christmas Party December 15, 2019

Gramophone, Gaithersburg, graciously hosted our December meeting and Christmas party. Chris Murphy, who has moved down from Overture in Wilmington, DE., has taken over the Gaithersburg Design Center and become the Regional Business developer. Chris has been a great friend and supporter of DC Hi-Fi Group and welcomed us with open arms and shared the Gaithersburg store on a Sunday afternoon for great greets and eats.

Chris Murphy of Gramophone

Gramophone had the new Totem Metal small floor stander on demo with McIntosh electronics. These highly efficient (91db) surprisingly pumped the low bass (26Hz – 22kHz) and had no trouble presenting a detailed and wide image. A lot of music from such a small floor stander (11 in wide, 43 in tall). I learned that there were no crossover parts in the woofer circuit and only a single cap in the tweeter circuit. Keeping it simple translates into keeping it clean and precise.

Totem Metal / McIntosh

We were some of the first to publicly hear the brand new Lyngdorf MP-60 Pre-Processor for AV. Gramophone has a great HT room where the MP-60 was controlling the AV with ease. This unit is been available for a few weeks and was premiering at Gramophone.

Lyngford MT-60

We enjoyed a convivial atmosphere with plenty of the usual libations on hand to loosen tongues.

Yes we sort of had a meeting but soon it was time to EAT!!! Good stuff…Yippee ki-yay!!!

Great feed!!!

And of course, even though we are all winners, a few got this reaffirmed by getting their raffle tickets pulled and went home with some goodies supplied by Gramophone and DC Hi-Fi Group.

They Look Happy

Again we all need to give a big hug to Gramophone and John Gatski for putting this all together.

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