2021 Holiday Party Extraordinaire

We had a beautiful day for the drive out to Alexandria for the DC Hi-Fi Group’s annual holiday party at Greg Viggiano’s condominium party room. Over thirty-five attended for a few hours on a sunny Sunday afternoon, to share tasty food, drink, lively conversation, and a listen to a fine system provided by John Gatski. The system included the new Mytek Brooklyn AMP+ Class D amplifier, Amphion Argon speakers, and the Mytek Brooklyn Dac+.

We started off with schmoozing, drinking, and eating. Not a bad beginning

I was surprised at how well this system sounded in a very tough room. John brought some room treatment in the form of a rug for the hard tile floor. We were treated to some fine music with a brand-new remix of Warren Bernhardt’s So Real produced by Tom Jung. Mr. Jung was approached earlier this year to tweak the hi-res favorite with an alternative more modern mix. The differences were very apparent, and we were left with our thoughts to what we felt was the better mix.

And of course, there was the give-a-ways to cap off an enjoyable day.

All thirty-five members and friends that attended were winners. I certainly felt like one for participating.

See you at the next event.

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