DC Hi-Fi Group January 2023 Meeting

The beginning of a new year brought a return to DCHFG member Gerry’s house by the Potomac. This time we hosted Lukas Lipinski for a demonstration of the Lipinski Sound L-707A Signature speakers.

Lukas has the audio industry in his blood as he carries on the work of his Father.

Andrew Lipinski’s perfect hearing abilities were recognized by the US National Bureau of Standards, where he was the only individual to achieve a perfect score on the listening evaluation of phonographic recordings (NBSIR 88-3725).


Famous for state-of-the-art high-fidelity recordings, Andrew Lipinski was driven to buid his own reference speakers to better monitor the quality of his recordings. Based in Washington, DC, Lukas has now taken his father’s work and amplfied it to exceptional levels.

Gerry’s listening room was an excellent venue to audition the L-707A Signature. Approaching seven feet (6.62′) in height, they dwarfed the already significant footprint of Gerry’s Wilson Alexx V speakers.

DCHFG members were treated to a variety of demo songs including rare recordings of The Firebird recorded by Keith Johnson as well as more modern tracks by Steely Dan and Thomas Dolby. This gave the listeners a good undestanding of what the Lipinski L-707A Signature could accomplish.

At the other extreme of speaker size, the Lipinski L-50 Powered Monitor were set up in the upstairs family room. These diminutive boxes produced sounds that belied their small size. Paired with a sub woofer, they would be perfect in many installations where an emphasis on being heard but not seen was preferred.

As usual, there were raffles for several audiophile recordings and there were many happy winners.

Once again, we are grateful to DCHFG member Gerry for hosting our meeting in his lovely home to audition another great audio system.

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