DCHFG Holiday Party 2018

Boy does time fly by when you are having fun!

DCHFG celebrated its third holiday party on December 8th where members gathered, along with significant others, to enjoy a festive meal and reminisce about the significant Hi-Fi events of 2018.

DCHFG President, John Gatski, invited CEO Dave Kelley of the newly revived KLH Speakers to demonstrate the very reasonably priced ($1299) KLH Kendall floor standing speakers. Dave Kelley previously worked for Klipsch Speakers for many years. It would  seem transducers are his passion.

KLH Kendall powered by Pass Labs Integrated Amp

Considering the sound quality and fit and finish, many people would price these speakers in the multi-thousands of dollars. In fact, the price has been further reduced for the holidays to $974 making them an incredible bargain!

DCHFG President John Gatski seems pleased by the sound of the KLH Kendall Speakers
DCHFG Members listen intently to the KLH Kendall Speakers

With 2018 rapidly winding down we have 2019 and all the exciting future products to look forward to.

I would personally like to thank John Gatski for all his hard work shepherding DCHFG to the 150 plus members we have today and a big thank you to all the DCHFG members for their support and camaraderie.

Happy New Year!

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