DCHFG Rummage Sale Success!

The long delayed chill of Fall arrived on the morning of the first annual DCHFG Rummage sale. DCHFG members and select outside vendors dug deep into their basements and closets to bring forth wondrous Hi-Fi gems from the past. Every category of audio playback gear was represented. Stylish Bang & Olufsen BEOVOX S 75 SPEAKERS were on display recalling a time when B&O was the arbiter of design before the modern reign of Jony Ive and Apple Computer.

Vinyl sales from several vendors were brisk. Other shoppers focused on vintage tube gear. Many speakers were on sale ranging in price from $15 dollars a pair to Martin Logan Electrostatic models.

Some young Hi-Fi enthusiasts were spotted carefully surveying the best bargains and choosing their first Hi-Fi rig from all the goodies on display.

From the attendance and positive comments it would appear the DCHFG Rummage may become an annual event?

For now, all eyes are focused on the DC Hi-Fi event of the year taking place November 2-4, 2018 at the Rockville Hilton. See you there!



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