DC Hi-Fi Group September 2018 Meeting

With the advent of Fall, DCHFG moved to a new venue in Alexandria, Virginia. The prepared demo featured the Amphion Argon 3S speakers, Prism Sound Callia USB Audiophile DAC and Pre-amplifier, and the DIY Amp Camp Amp Class A amplifier.

With no advanced planning, the little amplifier that could was able to drive the Argon 3S speakers to a pleasing level in a relatively large room. Many DCHFG members were impressed by the transparent sound of the 8 watt amp in combination with the Callia DAC. Music files were sourced via Tidal High Resolution streaming using an Essential PH-1 Phone. The audio was streamed using the phone’s usb output using the excellent USB Audio Player Pro app.

The Amp Camp Amp was recently built by DCHFG member Chris Barker. It features a Mosfet Class A based design by the legendary audio designer Nelson Pass. Several other DCHFG members have either purchased the kit or expressed a desire to do so. A discussion thread for DCHFG Amp Camp Amp builders is ongoing at the DCHFG forum.

Continuing in the DIY amp mode, the Argon 3S speakers and Callia Dac were paired with a DIY amp using an ICEpower 50ASX2 self contained amp module in a Ghent Audio case. With more reserve power, there was no issue driving the speakers. Again, many DCHFG listeners were impressed by the sound of this modestly priced DIY combination.

Everyone enjoyed the gourmet pizza lunch that was provided.

DCHFG members are now gearing up for the first annual rummage sale on October 14th which is open to the public. See you there!

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