The DC Hi-Fi Group October 2022 Meeting

It was a picture-perfect Fall Day that brought the group together for the October 2022 Meeting at DCHFG member Gerry’s beautiful home by the Potomac.

It almost would be an understatement to say Gerry is an Audiophile. Based on the audio system Gerry has assembled, I would declare him to be an Apex Audiophile.

As the pictures will attest, it is obvious Gerry has built his listening system with the greatest of care. This is the most comprehensive and impressive home stereo system I have ever encountered.

Component details include:

  • 600wpc VTL Siegfried Series II Reference (12 KT88s per channel tetrode)
  • VTL TL 7.5 Series III preamplifier
  • VTL TP-6.5 Series II phono preamp
  • VPI Avenger Reference TT (Gimbal tonearm, Lyra Atlas Lambda Cartridge)
  • Wilson Alexx V speakers (five drivers, five hundred pounds each)
  • Pair of Wilson Subsonic subwoofers
  • EMM Labs DA2 DAC
  • PS Audio SACD transport
  • Innuos Statement Streamer.
  • Cables by Transparent and Shunyata.

Gerry very kindly played one of my favorite demo tracks – Jazz Variants by The O-Zone Percussion Group. This exciting and dynamic percussion piece really excercises the bottom and top extremes of a Hi-Fi system. Gerry’s system was more than up to the task.

If your Audiophile ears are tingling and you wonder how you, too, could hear such a system in person, then I would encourage you to join The DC Hi-Fi Group so you can gain access to such amazing home audio systems.

Gerry was a very gregarious host but was very humble about what he had accomplished.

As the meeting unwound, John Gatski treated us to a raffle of myriad items he has assembled over the month. Many members left with a smile from what they won in the raffle.

In the end, we were all winners for being invited into Gerry’s home and experiencing what he has wrought.

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