DCHFG April 2019 Meeting

DC Hi-Fi Group April Meeting at The Vinyl Revivers, April 28, 2019, by Paul Elliott

It was another great Sunday at Russ’s. 

Russ Katz, The Vinyl Revivers, opened his home business to our club in grand style. I would guess there were about 30 club members on hand to meet three company representatives, have a hearty lunch, and take home some goodies.

In the lower level sound room, Patrick Thompson, National Sales Manager, from KLH Audio Speakers, presented three-floor standers including the Cambridge, the Quincy, and the Kendall.  

Rob Pleyer, Director of Sales Rogers High Fidelity, had set up the Rogers KWM-88 CORONA integrated amp to drive the KLH’s in fine style.    

Jack Rainey represented both Parasound and Integra in the upstairs front bedroom

Conversations were typically lively between members discussing what is new in their systems.  We were light on committee meetings this session with only a few words from Tom Perazella about upcoming Midwest Audiofest Speaker Design Competition in Ohio this summer.

We did have the usual raffle with just about everyone getting at least a t-shirt.

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